Perendales -
Perendale "The breed that Performs in all Conditions"
Dual Purpose (meat - wool)     Easy Care (nil drench - black feet)

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The Perendale is a ‘Dual Purpose’ maternal breed sheep developed at Massey Agricultural College/University in the North Island of New Zealand in the late 1940’s by Professor Sir Geoffrey Peren.

It is the result of the ongoing development by ‘Prof Peren’ of a Cheviot over Romney cross to arrive at what is now the modern Perendale.

Since its inception the Perendale has become one of the top breeds in NZ with numbers exceeding six million with many flocks in excess of ten thousand.

Given all of the current vagaries of farming here in Australia the development of the Perendale sheep as an “EASY CARE” breed is now more important than ever and will provide effortless lambing, excellent mothering and survival, general hardiness and ability to survive under difficult conditions with poor feed.

Perendales are able to offer the farmer a rugged ‘dual purpose’ flock capable of producing quality ‘lean’ prime lambs and a medium white wool fleece sought after for its ‘bulk’ in the spinning and weaving trades.

Both Summit Park and the Lieton Park Partnership are setting out to re introduce Perendales back into Australian farming enterprises as a true ‘dual purpose’ breed as it was first developed at Massey in NZ.

In conjunction we use and are able to supply the best NZ genetics available to those farmers who recognise the advantages of having a ‘wool-meat’ enterprise.

Professor Peren wrote “the qualities of the Perendale add up to a sheep well suited to satisfy the economic needs of the present day farmer who must carefully balance his returns against the costs of production”.

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