Perendales -

Wool Characteristics

PERGUNYAH_WOOL_CLIP.JPGPerendale wool is recognised by the industry as 'springy' and with 'low lustre' averaging 125mm staple length. Average fleece weights will vary however between 3.8 and 4.5 seems about average.

The micron will vary as expected

The ideal fleece would be well formed and a free opening staple showing a distinct and clear cut crimp.It should be full handling and weighty, springy and crisp but not actually harsh.It will show 'low lustre' in appearance [this is a plus as it allows excellent acceptance of light coloured dyes]

Wool uses

At present in Australia 'cross bred wool' is sold just as that with little or no differentiation between various breeds. We work to sell Perendale wool outside that system as they do in NZ with the emphasis on the hogget wool to be processed into woollen yarn sold to the knitwear and weaving industry. Perendale wools unique 'helical' crimp gives it the loft or 'bulk' that wool spinners seek to blend with finer wool types when producing top quality garments.

PERENDALE-WOOL.JPGPerendale wool is in constant demand throughout the carpet industry as primary and or filler wool and there is a substantial market overseas for its use in weaving Middle Eastern rugs etc again because its ease of accepting dyes and the fact it has 'memory bulk' meaning it will recover its original shape and feel.

The Perendale is a true multi purpose breed able to offer a unique type of wool that no other breed can match.