Perendales -


The Perendale breed is enjoying increasing popularity and the Australian Perendale Association's work includes membership of commercial and stud breeders, networking, education and information sharing, plus marketing of the breed.

The Australian Perendale Association (APA) has its own Committee of Management and regular meetings. It is also closely affiliated with the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association with branches active in each state (see where an annual flock book of stud records is produced.

MALCOLM_FLETCHER_001.JPGAPA President - Malcolm Fletcher - Co-owner of a Perendale stud, Malcolm has a long history with Perendales rising from previous property management which included the hardy old Perendale. Mal was drawn to their simplicity of care, high fertility, ease of lambing, quick growing equalling quick turnover, plus their tolerance to worms. Basically a no fuss, low imput, how output scenario. Mal has been an active member with the Australian Perendale Association since early 2000's, taking on the role of President in 2014. Aiming to promote Perendales as a practical meat and wool sheep and encouraging younger folk to breed and enjoy Perendales, plus bringing like-minded people together, sees Mal continuing his role and passion.

LYN_DEHNERT_004.JPGAPA Secretary/Treasurer - Lyn Dehnert - is the owner of a sheep stud and is always displaying a hands on approach and keen interest in the family farm and attending shows. Lyns administration skills, practical approach and insight has seen Lyn be an active representative on the RASV sheep committee, Ballarat A&P Society and the Victorian Sheep Show. Craft, cooking and preserving is also high on Lyns agenda in her spare time along with her working in her Nursing duties in the Operating Suite. This role for the Perendales doubles up with her title as Secretary/Treasurer of Southdown Australia. Lyn aims to ensure all stud and commercial Perendale breeders are current members of APA, allowing great communication through minutes and updates along with balancing the financials! Be in touch with Lyn via email: contact us