Perendales -

Wool Characteristics


Perendale wool is recognised in the industry as being springy and with low lustre averaging 10-12cm staple length. Average fleece weights will vary between 4-5kg per year for adult sheep.

The micron will vary as expected

Hoggets (young sheep) between 28 to 32 microns

Older sheep 32-38 microns

Many producers class into three distinct fleece lines.

The ideal fleece would be well formed with a free opening staple showing a distinct and well defined crimp. It should be soft and bulky, with good density, springy and crisp but not harsh. It will show low lustre (no shine) in appearance. This is beneficial, as it allows excellent acceptance of light coloured dyes in manufacturing.

Wool uses

In Australia, the broader type wool is sold with little or no differentiation between various breeds. Selling Perendale wool for its unique attributes outside the auction system (as they do in NZ) with the emphasis on the hogget wool being processed into woollen yarn sold to the knitwear and weaving industry.

PERENDALE-WOOL.JPGPerendale wool's unique helical crimp gives it the loft or bulk that wool spinners and weavers seek to blend with finer wool types when producing top quality garments. Perendale wool is highly regarded in the carpet industry and has fitted out the interior of many aircraft.