Perendales -


Welcome to the official website for the
Australian Perendale Association.

Perendales are known to be amazing sheep pure, while others find them even better crossed over any breed to capitalise on their attributes through genetic gains.

Either way, the Perendales are meat and wool producing, self-replacing sheep.

Producers constantly report - Perendales require low inputs and produce high returns.

Perendales are known especially for their worm tolerance and hardiness, they are a practical size to handle - medium stature, have good productive longevity, and tolerance to various climatic conditions, highly fertile, are great protective mothers after effortless lambing, who are then easily finished to produce a lean, heavyweight carcass, ideal for the domestic and commercial trade.

Perendales are alert and active, easy to herd, produce an awesome protein and a substantial amount of bulky white wool.

Perendales are born to perform! You won't be disappointed.

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